• Galvanized Sheet

  • Shandong Zhongxinfa Plate Industry Co., Ltd. and Shandong Huixin Plate Industry Co., Ltd., both under Shandong Huixin, have four color based galvanizing production lines. The annual production capacity is 800000 tons. The product thickness is 0.12-0.7mm. The width is 700-1250mm.

Application Field

El grosor del producto es uniforme, la superficie del tablero es plana y el borde rizado es uniforme. Es un sustrato de alta calidad para la producción de tableros con recubrimiento de color.

The galvanized sheet is a kind of highly corrosion-resistant coated steel sheet product that is produced by cleaning, annealing, and galvanizing cold-rolled or hot-rolled base materials, while protecting the base steel sheets with zinc-iron electrochemical reactions. Galvanized sheets can be divided into civilian galvanized sheets (patterned galvanized sheets) and colored sheets (non-patterned galvanized sheets) in terms of use and surface characteristics.

Shandong Zhongxinfa Steel Sheet Co., Ltd. and Shandong Huixin Steel Sheet Industry Co., Ltd. own 4 production lines of colored galvanized sheets. Its annual production capacity is 800,000 tons. With a thickness of 0.12-0.7mm, and a width of 700-1250mm, the colored galvanized sheets of Huixin Group feature uniform thickness, flat surface, and even curling edges, making them the premium base materials for the production of color-coated sheets.

Los productos galvanizados de color de Huixin tienen un grosor uniforme, una superficie plana e incluso bordes rizados. Son sustratos de alta calidad para la producción de láminas revestidas de color.

Galvanized Sheet

Galvanized sheet production line

Four color based galvanizing production lines with an annual production capacity of 800000 tons


Thickness: 0.12mm——0.70mm


Width: 700mm-1250mm


Inner diameter: φ508/φ610


Outer diameter: Max.φ1500mm




Roll weight: Max.10T


Zinc layer thickness: 13g-60g


Material: SPCC SPCH


Surface treatment: passivation, smoothing/non-smoothing


Standard: GB/T 2518-2008

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